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RCC Experience

Being a RCC at USC is one of the most rewarding experiences Student Affairs professional can have in their career.  The following videos, featuring some of our RCCs, will allow you to learn a little more about the RCC position, the benefits, and why you should apply for the position.

Are you the Right Fit for the RCC Position?

Learn why our RCCs apply for the position, the rewarding experiences they have had, and challenges they have seen in the position.

What is the Trojan Family?

A big part of the USC is the Trojan Family. Learn a little more about the residents and students we work with on a daily basis.

Living In Los Angeles

We know that living where you work means that the perfect job must also be the perfect living situation.  Learn a little more about what living in Los Angeles looks like and what our RCCs enjoy most about this great city!


Why You Should Apply!

Finally, hear our RCCs explain the benefits they have received from the position and why you should apply for this great position.

Learn More about the RCC Position