Cowlings Residential College

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Cowlings Residential College focuses on arts & culture. The residents of Cowlings Residential College will awaken their inner cultural explorer.  USC and the city of Los Angeles is the home to many musicians, filmmakers, fashion designers, painters, and various artists from around the world. Through programs offered within the community and coordinated events within the Los Angeles area, the residents of Cowlings Residential College will be surrounded by a wealth of experiences that will enrich their learning. Want to weave through the “Urban Light” exhibit at LACMA and discover its origins? Watch local slam poets perform pieces rooted in human experience in the halls? Sample a wealth of flavors at seasonal food festivals? Through the guidance of faculty, staff, and peers, the residents of Cowlings Residential College will find their niche within USC and the City of Angels.




Photo of Hector Solis-Ortiz
Hector Solis-Ortiz – Residential College Coordinator
Laura Baker – Faculty in Residence




Theater Excursion
Baking with Dr. Baker
Cowlings and Ilium go to the Getty
Community Council Meet and Greet





Move-in Day
  Welcome Week 
Welcome Experience
 Move Out Day
Move Out Day