McCarthy Honors Residential College

McCarthy Honors Residential College is a vibrant, tight-knit community of scholars who share a commitment to rigorous intellectual and academic achievement. McCarthy Honors Residential College provides a bridge between the residential and academic experience. Students will engage in events and conversations that promote innovative thinking and challenge them to explore all branches of knowledge. Students living in McCarthy Honors Residential College will have direct contact with Faculty in Residence as well as faculty, advisors, and experts across disciplines. Unique experiences will include connecting students to research opportunities and an early move-in retreat focusing on community building and the holistic development of high achieving students. McCarthy Honors Residential College will create a peer network of student scholars who are successful in balancing involvement in academic and social activities.



Tyler Benateigha – Residential College Coordinator
Trisha Tucker – Faculty in Residence
John Pascarella III – Faculty in Residence








McCarthy Honors Retreat
McCarthy & Ilium Mentorship Program
Alternative Spring Break
Lake Arrowhead Trip





Move-in Day
  Welcome Week 
Welcome Experience
 Move Out Day
Move Out Day