First-Year Students – Residential Colleges

Every first-year student moves into a Residential College when they get to USC. There, they form strong connections by participating in events organized by the Resident Assistants and Residential Faculty,  become an integral member of their community through their interactions with their peers, and bridge the classroom experience by taking the learning to conversations over dinner with faculty and attending presentations by guest speakers, participating in community service, and utilizing campus resources that are made available in their Residential College lobby. The Residential College experience bookends the undergraduate experience for USC students allowing them to participate in new student convocation wearing their Residential College crest, adding to a time capsule when they arrive, and being an active member in the year-long Residential College Cup competition. At the end of their four years at USC, students will return to their Residential College for a celebration including the time capsule reveal and reception with their Residential Faculty and Residential Education staff.


Birnkrant Residential College

Birnkrant Residential College is a traditional-style residence hall known for its 8 floors of open doors. This vibrant first-year living-learning community inspires students to reach their full potential as agents of global change through faculty interaction, diverse programming and opportunities to experience L.A.



McCarthy Honors Residential College

McCarthy Honors Residential College is a vibrant, tight-knit community of scholars who share a commitment to rigorous intellectual and academic achievement. McCarthy Honors Residential College provides a bridge between the residential and academic experience located in the USC Village



New North Residential College

New North Residential College consists of four traditional-style residence halls (EVK, College, Harris, and University) and is home to over 500 students.  Known for its social and academic atmosphere, New North fosters a community through intentional interactions between residents and their RAs & Residential Faculty.



Parkside Arts & Humanities Residential College

Parkside Arts & Humanities is a suite-style residential college home to nearly 450 first-year residents. The community has a significant population of international students and students interested in the arts and the humanities fostering a more global and creative living experience.



Parkside International Residential College

Consisting of both IRC and Parkside Apartments, this Residential College houses nearly 650 first-year and second-year students.   Parkside International Residential College serves as a center for cultural, artistic and internationally oriented academic and social events on campus. Students living here will be exposed to a global experience through events and personal interactions.



South Residential College

South Residential College consists of four traditional style residence halls (Marks Hall, Marks Tower, Pardee Tower, and Trojan Hall) and is home to nearly 700 residents.  Situated close to the center of campus, students describe South Residential College as a close-knit community and a true “family.”



West Residential College

West Residential College is home to 660 residents and houses both first-year students (Fluor Tower) and second-year students (Webb Tower).  Situated near the Lyon Center and the Student Health Center, West Residential College focuses on holistic wellness. Also home to Somerville Place and the Latino Floor.



Commuter Student Opportunity

All first year commuter students are invited to join one of the Residential Colleges listed above. Joining a Residential College will allow commuter students to form strong connections by participating in events organized by the Resident Assistants and Faculty in Residence and will grant commuter students the opportunity to become an integral member of the community through interactions with their peers outside of the classroom setting. Commuter students should contact for more information.

Residential College Cup

The Residential College Cup is an annual competition between the 7 first-year residential colleges. Students from each residential college compete in various competitions to earn points, meet people, and feel more connected to their residential college. To read more visit the Residential College Cup page.