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Second-Year Residential Colleges

The Second-Year Residential Colleges allow our students the opportunity to continue their Residential College Experience after their first year. Designed specifically to focus on thematic living, each Residential College’s theme is incorporated into the intentional interactions and programming between residents and the ResEd staff and faculty. While their home will always be with their First-Year Residential College, these thematic living options will afford residents the ability to thrive in their second year.


Bohnett Residential College

Bohnett Residential College is a community built around a core ideal of social action through entrepreneurship. Students will engage with and seek innovative solutions for a broad range of social issues such as homelessness, gun violence, diversity & inclusion, college access and many other pressing social justice concerns facing the world today.



Cale Residential College

Cale Residential College has a focus on global perspectives. Engage in the complexities of the world by immersing yourself in global exploration at USC. In Cale Residential College, you will build your intercultural competency and participate in critical dialogue regarding the ever changing global landscape.



Cowlings Residential College

Cowlings Residential College has a focus on Arts & Cultures. Residents of Cowlings Residential College will awaken their inner cultural explorer by being surrounded by a wealth of experiences that will enrich their learning about the Arts & Cultures, especially as they relate to USC and the city of Los Angeles.


Ilium Residential College

Ilium Residential College is home to our Sophomore Honors students. Ilium is a vibrant, tight-knit community of scholars who share a commitment to rigorous intellectual and academic achievement. Ilium is designed to build upon the experience the Honors student had during their freshmen year in McCarthy.


Irani Residential College

Irani Residential College has a focus on performance science.  Performance science focuses on the mind, body, and business. Students in this residential college will get to explore their untapped potential in learning how to break down barriers inhibiting leadership, decision-making, resilience, or creative potential.


McMorrow Residential College

McMorrow Residential College has a focus on innovation and design.  This Residential College aspires to support the interests and passions of students in the areas of technology, science, and design. This community will encourage the pursuit of solutions to global challenges through creativity, innovation, and novelty.



Nemirovsky Residential College

Nemirovsky Residential College has a focus on sustainability.  USC’s sustainability community is an interdisciplinary society of students who are dedicated to building awareness around the principles of environmental, social and economic sustainability through green living practices, educational activities, and societal engagement.