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Being an RA is one of the most rewarding experiences a USC student can be a part of during their USC career.  The following videos, featuring some of our former RAs, will allow you to learn a little more about the RA position, the benefits, and why you should apply for the position.

Are you the Right Fit for the RA Position?

Learn why our RAs apply for the position, the rewarding experiences they have had, and challenges they have seen in the position.

RA Teams & Residents

A big part of the RA position is the relationships you develop with your residents, your fellow RAs, and your supervisors. Learn a little more about how you can make an impact on residents and build friendships with your fellow RAs.

Student Leadership Development (RA Training)

RAs are trained extensively, not only on the hard skills needed for the position, but also to help develop themselves to have intentional, engaging conversations with their residents. Learn a little more about how prepared the RAs feel for their position.

Why You Should Apply!

Finally, hear our RAs explain the benefits they have received from the position and why you should apply for this great position.

Learn More about the RA Position