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Nemirovsky Residential College has a focus on sustainability. Nemirovsky Residential College is an interdisciplinary community of students who are dedicated to building awareness around the principles of environmental, social, and economic sustainability through green living practices, educational activities, and societal engagement. Members vow to live a lifestyle that attempts to reduce their individual use of natural resources and lessen their impact on the earth, while building their knowledge and leadership capabilities to address the environmental challenges facing our local and global communities.

Nemirovsky and Bohnett Residential Colleges exist within the same physical building, with no barriers between the two. Therefore, students residing in either Residential College have the opportunity to participate in programs and events connected to both themes!




Andrea Valenzuela – Residential College Coordinator
Broderick Leaks – Faculty in Residence







Bohnett Board
Soul Food Dinner
Alternative Winter Break: Costa Rica
Catalina Island Trip





Move-in Day
  Welcome Week 
Welcome Experience
 Move Out Day
Move Out Day