As part of the Residential Education Community Engagement model, each resident has their own RA, who will have intentional interactions with them throughout the year to make sure they are succeeding as a student at USC, both academically and socially.  To achieve this, Residential Education tailors their programming to the specific needs and wants of their resident populations. We utilize the following aspects of community engagement to make sure each resident has exciting events to attend and someone to talk to:

Cardinal & Gold Events

vibrant, late-night, fun, and social programs open for all students living in our Residential Colleges or Residential Communities. Events will take place on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights between the hours of 8 pm and 11 pm.

Community Builders

It is vital that an each resident feels a strong sense of community where they live. Community Builders focus on strengthening resident-to-resident interactions based on residents’ needs and interests on a given floor or in a specific building.

Intentional Interactions

The fundamental role of the RA is to develop and maintain an individual relationship with each of their residents. This is accomplished through building personal connections and maintaining communication with each of their residents on a frequent basis.