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Social Justice & Inclusion

The Office for Residential Education is committed to building purposefully inclusive and socially just residential communities for all students at USC as is outlined in our Inclusion Statement. In order realize this vision, the Office for Residential Education undertakes an ever growing list of initiatives to support and educate all members of our USC community.

Signature Events

College Access Day – Created through a partnership with the Rossier School of Education, College Access Day is an annual event that brings LA high school students from Compton and other surrounding neighborhoods to the USC campus where they will learn about the college admissions process and college life from USC staff, faculty, and students. USC students have the opportunity to serve as mentor for these students and teach them about college life and the skills it takes to be successful in a university setting.

Tunnel of Oppression – The Tunnel of Oppression is an immersive simulation experience that allows students to witness what oppression based on different identities and its effects look like in daily life and offers them a space to engage in critical discussion about how they see this in their own lives and how they can mitigate it. USC staff and student volunteers create and guide students through the simulated experience and provide them with information about how to get involved at USC and in the LA community to combat identity based oppression.

Student Leadership Opportunities

Vice President of Social Justice & Inclusion – The SJI VP is a member of the Executive Board of the RHA housed in the Office for Residential Education. The SJI VP is charged with creating social justice based programming for residential students across the USC campus and creating educational opportunities for the members of RSG. The SJI VP receives weekly training in social justice topics and facilitation skills to give them the tools they need to succeed throughout the year.