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Graduate & Family

USC offers approximately 2,000 spaces for graduate students and students with families. Since the housing needs of graduate students and families typically differ from those of undergraduate students, Graduate and Family Housing is located in the smaller buildings in the North University Park area. Graduate student housing offers a variety of options from single occupancy studios and apartments that allow students to live and study on their own to the lower cost option of shared bedrooms and apartments units. Family Housing mainly consists of one-bedroom apartments, but there are a few two-bedroom apartments for those families that require a little more space. There are several amenities within the graduate and family communities including lounge spaces, gyms, courtyards, and play areas. We offer live in staff including Resident Assistants, Residential Community Coordinators, a Graduate Residential Community Coordinator, and Faculty in Residence who put on events, provide nightly emergency assistance, and support resident development.





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