Residential Experience

Your Residential Experience – where you learn and grow. Living on campus means you are immediately part of a close-knit community with other students, and have a number of resources at your disposal. You’ll have the opportunity to attend events led by your RAs, Faculty in Residence, and the entire ResEd team. Form connections with students in your residential college and feel more connected to the entire campus community.

We are busy planning incredible welcome events for you. We’ll have a number of events solely for students living on campus. In addition, the campus will host several events. Explore the Welcome Experience website to learn what the campus has planned for August.

Get ready to represent your first-year residential college in the Residential College Cup competition starting this Fall! (schedule TBD)

Learn about Virtual Student Life opportunities and get excited for Late Night SC events every weekend

Stay connected with your Residential Experience at your fingertips – download the CORQ app!

Why CORQ? 

  • Discover USC events on your phone through an easy-to-use app 
  • Stay informed about ResEd events going on nearby and never miss a chance to connect with your community
  • Make the most of your Residential Experience!

Learn how to log in and use CORQ with this CORQ User Guide