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IMG_2083Thank you for your interest in the Office for Residential Education at the University of Southern California!  To learn more about our organization, please peruse our website.  To learn about our employment opportunities (as a professional and graduate student), please read below for a few of the opportunities available:

Associate Director

The Associate Director for Residential Operations is responsible for the direct supervision, training, and evaluation of 3 Assistant Directors (ADs) and the indirect supervision, training, and evaluation of the Residential Community/College Coordinators (RCCs), Graduate Residential College/Community Coordinators (GRCCs), Graduate Assistants, and Resident Assistants. This position has five major areas of oversight including residential expectations & community standards (residential conduct), crisis & mental-health, selection & training, assessment initiatives, and emergency response & duty systems. In addition to the essential duties listed, the Associate Director provides overall vision and leadership in the development of a robust academic and social environment for residents, while creating and maintaining a high level of safety, security, and well-being for all residents. This is a full-time, live-in professional staff position.

AD: Assistant Director

The Assistant Director (AD) is a full-time, live-in professional staff member who oversees an area ranging in size from 2000 to 3500 residents separated into Residential Colleges & Communities.  This position performs a variety of important daily operation tasks including supervision of professional staff (4- 6 RCCs), adjudicating residential and campus judicial cases, managing an area budget, serving as a liaison to housing, providing oversight for 1-2 Residential Education committees, and serving on divisional committees or task forces.

RCC: Residential College/Community Coordinator

The RCC is a full-time, live-in professional staff member who oversees a Residential College or Residential Community.  This position performs a variety of important daily operation tasks including supervision of student staff (RAs), advising of student leadership (community council), adjudicating residential judicial cases, managing their community’s budget, working with Faculty in Residence, and serving on ResEd committees.

GRCC: Graduate Residential College Coordinator

The GRCC position is a live-in graduate assistantship designed to prepare future Student Affairs professionals for an entry-level, full-time position within the field after graduation.  This position is supervised by a full-time staff member (RCC) and is primarily responsible for advising community council, collaborating with the Faculty in Residence, managing a programming budget, and helping with overall engagement in the residential college.

Faculty in Residence

The Faculty in Residence are full-time USC faculty members who live-in and help establish an academic life and culture within the Residential Colleges at USC.  Faculty in Residence achieve this by serving as a model and mentor to residents, initiating and participating in residential community programming, and facilitating the involvement of other campus faculty colleagues into the residential communities.