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Faculty in Residence Position Description

Faculty in Residence will establish an academic life and culture in the Residential Colleges.  Faculty in Residence will live in our campus residential colleges, form strong connections with the residents, and become an integral academic and community leader.  Faculty in Residence bridge the classroom experience by hosting regular conversations over dinner with students, inviting and hosting guest speakers, and organizing and hosting community tours to events and landmarks of cultural, historical, and social significance in the greater Los Angeles area.

Faculty in Residence are expected to support the academic mission of the University, the welfare of residents, and the goals and objectives of the Division of Student Affairs through the Office for Residential Education. Faculty in Residence will work closely with the Residential Education staff, who are committed to providing an environment that supports the holistic development and success of all our residents from their first-year to their graduate career. Faculty in Residence will carry out their work through three main components: 1) Serving as a model and mentor to residents in the residential colleges, 2) initiating and participating in residential college programming, and 3) facilitating the involvement of other campus faculty colleagues in residential colleges.

All Faculty in Residence will work directly with the Office for Residential Education staff in their local building/area to develop and organize academic programming including: curricular activities, tours and excursions, cooperative community service projects, special events, and guest speaker programs.


  1. Serving as a Model and Mentor:  Faculty in Residence are in a unique position to model a balanced life of academics and personal interests and activities among students in the Residential Colleges. Informal interactions with individual students are integral to the Residential Faculty program; the nature of each interaction will vary and be influenced by the intellectual and developmental maturity of the student.
  2. Residential College Programming:  Faculty in Residence assist the RA staff in creating programs each semester that foster curiosity and interest in educational and/or cultural activities beyond the classroom. Programming can be based on demonstrated resident needs, faculty interests or particular events happening in the world or on campus. Some programs may stem from or specifically involve the Faculty in Residence, while for others, the Faculty in Residence may consult or act as a resource.
  3. Involvement:  Faculty in Residence are expected to assist staff in facilitating other faculty participation in residential college programming. Their role as Faculty in Residence enables them to act as a resource and create opportunities for informal interactions between faculty and students to enhance the personal growth and development of students, and to assist faculty in gaining a deeper understanding of students’ developmental, academic and transitional needs to improve their interactions in the classroom.


  • Facilitate, plan, and administer a minimum of 3 events per semester, in addition to Faculty in Residence Receptions and weekly/monthly dinners
  • Spend approximately 6- 8 hours per week engaged in residential community activity (eating in Residential College dining facilities, meeting with students and staff, participating in RA programs, supporting Residential College events etc.)
  • Participate in staff training and orientation for new Faculty in Residence
  • At the start of each academic year, participate and show presence during move-in days & activities
  • At the start of each academic year, provide a welcome letter to residents describing your academic expertise, personal interests, hobbies, office hours and possible program plans
  • Participate in on-going assessment of the program including an annual report summarizing activities
  • Attend bi-weekly Faculty in Residence meetings with the FIR Leads & Senior Director
  • Attend bi-weekly meetings, as needed, with the Residential College Coordinator
  • Cultivate and enhance existing Residential College traditions (i.e. Residential College dinners, Tuesdays Tea, etc.)
  • Attend training sessions and meetings related to the program
  • Work closely with Residential Education, the Department of Public Safety, and Auxiliary Services to develop the overall environment of the Residential College

For more details, please review the Faculty In Residence Position Description