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Phil Ethington

Faculty in Residence
New North Residential College

Professor of History, Political Science, and Spatial Sciences


Phone: 310.488.8168

Ph.D., History, Stanford University 

Bio + Fun Facts:
Phil Ethington is a historian, completing a global, environmental, and human history of Los Angeles since the Pleistocene Epoch (2.5 million years ago). He teaches courses on North American history, mostly in the 20th century. He has two daughters, ages 19 and 23, who sometimes live with him. His dog Harvey, seen often around new North, is a dachshund-poodle mix. In his spare time, Prof. Ethington is starting a native plant farm on the Carrizo Plain, the last native grassland in California. He is also an inventor, with strange and clever contraptions on view in his New North apartment.