Birnkrant Residential College

Constructed in 1963, Birnkrant has been a part of USC over the last several decades. Created in honor of Cecele & Michael G. Birnkrant, the eight-story tower originally provided housing for 308 women. Over the many years of Birnkrant’s existence on the University Park campus, co-ed floors were created, and in 2011, the community began functioning as a first-year Honors community until the honors community transitioned to McCarthy in 2017. Commonly referred to as “8 Floors of Open Doors,” the Birnkrant community is strong, as friendships and relationships are created that often span the course of the students’ time at USC. In 1994, Birnkrant began operating as a Residential College, with a full-time, live-in residential faculty residing in the building and working to bridge the experiences inside and outside the classroom. The Faculty in Residence works alongside Residential Education staff to provide programs that introduce students to Los Angeles culture, art, food, and more. Residents take great pride in living in Birnkrant and often refer to it as one of their favorite memories and experiences as a USC student.

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