Residential College Cup

The Residential College Cup is an annual year long competition between the 6 residential colleges. Students from each residential college compete throughout the year through ongoing competitions and larger annual events. although there are many ways for students to support their residential college in competing for the Residential College Cup, the core elements of the competition are athletic intramural sports, knowledge and trivia, community service and sustainability. Read below to learn more about the current point standings and the core components of the Residential College Cup.


Residential College Cup Events

Throughout the year there will be numerous events for students to attend and compete in to support their residential college. While there will many many different types of events throughout the year, below are the cornerstone events and activities that make up the Residential College Cup in the Spring semester.

SAS House Cup Flier (1)



Current Residential College Cup Standings

Below are the current standings and point values for each Residential College:


Birnrant Residential College Crest

1st Place

1,111 Points




2nd Place

476 Points




Print3rd Place

426 Points




4th Place

360 Points





5th Place

123 points





6th Place

70 Points