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Cale Residential College has a focus on global perspectives. Engage in the complexities of the world by immersing yourself in global exploration at USC. In Cale Residential College, you will build your intercultural competency and participate in critical dialogue regarding the ever changing global landscape. Take part in partnerships with academic departments and resource centers that focus on international affairs, business, arts/culture, media, and current events. Discuss critical issues regarding the world’s refugee crisis, hunger, poverty, socio-political strife, and global citizenry. Students will emerge from this Residential College Experience as global citizens ready to make a positive impact on the world.


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Cale Residential College Staff & Faculty


Gustavo Orellana
Residential College Coordinator 
Cale & Irani Residential Colleges

My name is Gustavo Orellana and I am the Graduate Residential College Coordinator for West Residential College and responsible for Webb Tower. I am entering my second year as a graduate student in the Post-Secondary Administration and Student Affairs program of the Rossier School of Education.







Hamsini Balaji
Graduate Residential College Coordinator
Cale & Irani Residential Colleges

I am Hamsini Balaji and I am so excited to serve as the Graduate Residential Community Coordinator for the Cale and Irani Residential Colleges. I am originally from India and I have had the honor of living all around the world bringing me to pursue my studies in the United States. I graduated from Mississippi State University with a Bachelor’s in Biochemistry. At USC, I am pursuing a Master’s in Social Entrepreneurship from the Marshall School of Business. In my free time, you will find me at the local homeless shelter, tutoring center, animal shelter or any other volunteer event! I really enjoy cooking and baking with friends and family. If not, you will find me indulging in some kind of adventure activity or accidentally landing in a different country! My passion is interacting and connecting with people from all walks of life, so come by and give me a high five, it will be a moment we can share!




Ruth Chung Picture

Ruth Gim Chung
Faculty in Residence
Cale & Irani Residential Colleges

Ruth Gim Chung’s research interests are in cultural psychology and multicultural counseling, with focus on the acculturative process of Asian Americans and how it affects families and development of cultural identity in adolescents. She created a measure of acculturation (AAMAS) as well as intergenerational conflict (ICI) that are used widely in research on Asian Americans. She has published in the Journal of Counseling Psychology as well as Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, and at one time ranked fifth among most frequent contributors to the field of multicultural counseling. She also co-edited a book on Sacred Spaces: Religion and Spirituality in Korean America published by University of Illinois Press. In terms of her pedagogical expertise, Chung specializes in teaching of statistics and research methodology in a meaningful and engaging manner to practitioners.