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Cale Residential College has a focus on global perspectives. Engage in the complexities of the world by immersing yourself in global exploration at USC. In Cale Residential College, you will build your intercultural competency and participate in critical dialogue regarding the ever changing global landscape. Take part in partnerships with academic departments and resource centers that focus on international affairs, business, arts/culture, media, and current events. Discuss critical issues regarding the world’s refugee crisis, hunger, poverty, socio-political strife, and global citizenry. Students will emerge from this Residential College Experience as global citizens ready to make a positive impact on the world.


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Cale Residential College Staff & Faculty


Gustavo Orellana
Residential College Coordinator 
Cale & Irani Residential Colleges

Gustavo Orellana is the Residential College Coordinator for the Cale & Irani Residential Colleges. He was born and raised in Norther California. Gustavo received a B.A. in Chicano/a Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara and graduated with a Masters in Postsecondary Administration and Student Affairs from the Rossier School of Education here at USC. He was a graduate assistant in Residential Education for two years before joining the department full time in 2018. Through the previous professional experiences as an Assistant Resident Director at UCSB and a Resident Director at the Academy of Art University, Gustavo developed a passion in working with high caliber, passionate and dedicated students and cherishes the new challenges that each day brings in working with college aged students. Some of his passions outside of work include exploring different parts of Los Angeles (especially through food), sporting events, and all things Bay Area!




Jas Jefferies
Graduate Residential College Coordinator
Cale & Irani Residential Colleges

Jas Jefferies was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. She completed her Bachelors of Arts degree in Professional Writing and Rhetoric with a minor in Sociology at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. The both private and faith educational setting at Baylor has helped her develop her leadership skills to lead with intentionality and with purpose. As a residence assistant for two years at Baylor, she grew a passion for first year students and their transition into becoming a part of the campus community. In doing so, she has participating in conducting training sessions on diversity education, serving on the campus living and learning hiring committee, and attending residence assistant conferences. Her writing major serves as an outlet to communicate her professional ideas effectively while sharing her creative ideas as well. She is currently pursuing a Master of Education degree in Postsecondary Administration and Student Affairs at USC Rossier School of Education. Her education interests include support programs for first generation minority students as well as transfer students adapting to a new college setting for the first time. She will be leading as a Graduate Residential College Coordinator in the Cale and Irani Residential Colleges to foster community and academics. In her free time, she enjoys writing poetry, grabbing a smoothie, and having random dance parties. While learning and serving at USC, she is interested in exploring Los Angeles and adapting to the new west coast life.




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Ruth Gim Chung
Faculty in Residence
Cale & Irani Residential Colleges

Ruth Gim Chung’s research interests are in cultural psychology and multicultural counseling, with focus on the acculturative process of Asian Americans and how it affects families and development of cultural identity in adolescents. She created a measure of acculturation (AAMAS) as well as intergenerational conflict (ICI) that are used widely in research on Asian Americans. She has published in the Journal of Counseling Psychology as well as Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, and at one time ranked fifth among most frequent contributors to the field of multicultural counseling. She also co-edited a book on Sacred Spaces: Religion and Spirituality in Korean America published by University of Illinois Press. In terms of her pedagogical expertise, Chung specializes in teaching of statistics and research methodology in a meaningful and engaging manner to practitioners.