West Residential College

West Area

West Residential College, comprised of Fluor Tower and Webb Tower, is conveniently located near the Engemann Student Health Center, Café 84, the Lyon Recreation Center, and the Uytengsu Swim Stadium. As such, West Residential College has begun to develop various wellness-based initiatives. Residential Faculty focus on different aspects of holistic wellness and hope to create all-encompassing programming around these initiatives. West Residential College  is supported by a dynamic team of faculty and staff who endeavor to create a vibrant community where diversity is celebrated and living-learning opportunities abound.

Fluor Tower

Fluor Tower, built in 1971, is an 11-story, suite-style community of predominately first-year students. Each suite within Fluor Tower houses 8 students, complete with four bedrooms, a communal living area and bathrooms. Having only four suites per floor makes this building with over three hundred residents feel very comfortable.

Fluor is also home to two of the oldest cultural Special Interest communities at USC, both of which provide opportunities for students to join together in a close community while learning more about their identity and culture. These communities include: the Latino Floor, also called El Sol y La Luna, established in 1974 where freshmen Latino students are empowered to become prominent campus leaders; and Somerville Place, named after John and Vada Somerville in 1993, which  aims to foster an understanding of and respect for Black culture, while cultivating a sense of family and community.

Webb Tower

Built in 1972, Webb Tower is a 14-story residential tower providing student housing in an apartment setting with private bathrooms.  The Webb Tower experience provides students with an excellent opportunity to develop strong independent living skills while still being able to enjoy all the amenities of living on campus. As an apartment style building, Webb Tower is the only predominantly first-year housing facility which remains open for student occupancy during Winter Break. The Faculty Master resides on the first floor of Webb Tower and takes the lead in creating an environment conducive to student learning and social engagement.

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