South Building Government

Marks Tower BG posing for a group picture

Welcome to South Residential College’s Building Government page!

Are you a member of Trojan Hall, Marks Hall, Pardee Tower or Marks Tower? Are you looking to get more involved in your Residence Hall community? Do you want to gain valuable leadership experience while at college? Are you interested in planning events and outings for your peers or serving as an advocate and voice for your floormates? Are you hoping to make lasting friendships with your neighbors? Consider joining South Residential College Building Government and become an official representative of your building!

You can join as a General Member or run for a Residential Student Government (RSG) Chair position. The six core RSG positions are:

  • President – Direct weekly meetings, communicate with other BG’s, and maintain ultimate responsibility for your building government! This person will be a guide for the efficacy of the organization.
  • RSG Advocacy Chair – Serve as the community’s advocate for campus issues and voice the concerns of your building’s residents! This position will require the ability to support all students in their diverse needs.
  • RSG Community Outreach Chair – Collaborate with other BG’s and student organizations on campus to organize volunteer programs with the outside community!
  • RSG Funding Chair – Review funding applications and serve as a resource for the RA staff, BG, and residents in your community! The duties of this position are similar to those of a Treasurer.
  • RSG Programming Chair – Plan and organize large-scale RSG events, such as the Highlighter Dance and Save Tommy Night! These programs are collaborative efforts across all residential communities.
  • RSG Inclusion Chair* – Create opportunities for students to engage in dialogue around topics of inclusion through programmatic efforts. This position requires trainings with the Office for Residential Education’s Social Justice and Inclusion Committee.

*The Inclusion Chair position is an appointed position requiring an interview process, while the other five core positions are elected. Other positions that will need to be filled following elections include an Intramural Chair, Eco Rep, and more!

How do I join?

South BG members

  • Step 1: Attend an Informational Meeting in the Fall.
  • Step 2: Run for South BG Elections! Look for a “BG Intent to Run Application” in the Fall, and email your BG Advisor ( or your name, desired position(s), and a short paragraph detailing why you want to be a BG Chair and why you should be elected.
  • Step 3: Vote! Ballots will be sent electronically to all South area residents to your USC e-mail address.
  • Step 4: If you are not elected into the position of your choice, email or expressing your interest in joining as a General Member. Additional appointed BG positions will become available following the election process and will require a short, informal interview.


  • The elected BG President and BG Chairs MUST be able to attend weekly RSG meetings on Wednesdays @ 6:30 PM and weekly BG meetings on Wednesdays @ 9:30 PM
  • The elected BG President and BG Chairs MUST be able to attend the RSG Retreat in Fall (date TBD)

Traditional Programs:

South BG members during Spirits at Troy
South BG members during Spirits at Troy – October 2015

Previous RSG events co-hosted by USC BG’s include the the Welcome Back Dance during Welcome Week, Save Tommy Night just before the USC-UCLA rivalry football game, Spirits at Troy during Halloween, Spring Into Service during the spring semester, Primal Scream events during finals week, and more.

Questions? Contact your Graduate Residential College Coordinator at or