BG: Building Government

Each Residential College and community has its own Building Government (BG).  Each BG is comprised of five core elected positions (President, Advocacy Chair, Community Outreach Chair, Funding Chair, and Programming Chair), one appointed position (Inclusion Chair), and multiple supporting roles (including Floor Senators, Intramural Chairs, Advertising Chairs, Eco Reps and more).  The five elected positions from each of the Building Governments work together as part of Residential Student Government which tackles initiatives in housing and hospitality, hosts campus-wide events, and brings recognition to leaders within our residential communities.

The main purpose of Building Government is to improve the residential experience through programming social, academic and cultural events such as game nights, resume workshops and museum trips; advocating for funding for residents; promoting and organizing philanthropic events; participating in RSG events and coordinating resident participation in intramurals.  Some events coordinated by Building Government include Spirits at Troy, Save Tommy Night, and Primal Scream.

10 Reasons why you should join your Building Government:

Parkside A&H BG members pose after competing in the annual Tri-Parkside Cup.
Parkside A&H BG members pose after competing in the annual Tri-Parkside Cup.
  1. Meet new people
  2. Develop leadership skills
  3. Build your resume
  4. Increase your network and social capital
  5. Put on programs for your friends/community
  6. Work with other BGs and Res Ed staff
  7. Make decisions on how to spend thousands of dollars
  8. Advocate for changes in your community
  9. Recognize your peers for their hard work
  10. Have a lot of FUN

Get Involved…. Find your BG!!