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How many positions are available?
In 2016-2017, we will have approximately 11 ARASI positions. We will not be able to officially state how many open spots we will have, given that current grad students employed by ResEd will be undergoing their own process to return.

What is the weekly time commitment for each position?
The ARASI positions are considered a 20-30 hour per week position, based on a potential seven-day work week. In other words, the 20-30 hours per week is not based on a traditional 9-5, Monday-Friday schedule.

How long is the contract for?
At this time, the term of the contract is anticipated to be Mid-July 2016 to end of May 2017.


Do I have to have prior experience in residential life in order to apply?
Residential life experience is ideal; it will be one of the major factors we look at when screening applications, but may not be crucial depending upon the total pool of applicants.

What if I don’t know of my acceptance to USC yet?
It is recommended that you go ahead and apply for graduate positions regardless of your acceptance to USC. Once you are notified by your academic department, let us know. If we are ready to make offers and your file indicates you are still waiting on admission, we will work with the academic department to try to acquire some sense of your likelihood for acceptance. We will not be able to offer a position until you have been accepted to USC.

What if I don’t want to live on campus?
All of our graduate positions require a live-in arrangement. If you absolutely do not want to live in University housing, we suggest you apply for the many other graduate student employment opportunities in other offices throughout the Division of Student Affairs. We do not currently have any graduate student employment opportunities that do not require staff to live on campus.

What if I am married or have dependents?
The ARASI postion comes with a one-bedroom apartment. Because university housing is so popular, it is difficult for us to acquire additional space. Beyond this constraint, ARASIs may share the unit with a partner in a committed financially-dependent relationship. Staff members with a child might be limited in their staff team assignment.

Hiring Process

How do I apply?
All applicants must apply through the Residential Education Employment Website (link will be active soon).

When is the application due?
The deadline for the initial screening is January 4, 2016, but applications will be accepted beyond this date. It is recommended that you return your material prior to this deadline in order to be considered for an interview as soon as possible.

Is there an interview?
Yes, interviews will be conducted in February and March. Most of the interviews will take place during Preview Day. If you are unable to attend Preview Day, we will be offering some phone interviews around the same time.

What if I live too far away to come for an interview?
We will arrange for a phone interview with candidates who cannot come to campus. We typically interview a number of candidates over the phone each year. This should not be a detriment to your candidacy.

When are the applicants notified of a position?
We anticipate extending offers to candidates by mid-March or early April.


Who should I contact if I have more questions?

Please contact us at or 213-740-2080.