GRCC Position Description


The Residential Education staff at the University of Southern California provides housing and support services for 10,000 students living within USC Housing.  The Graduate Residential College/Community Coordinator (GRCC) is a live-in graduate assistantship designed to add practical experience to their graduate studies and prepare them for an entry-level, full-time position in Student Affairs. The GRCC plays an integral role in creating a residential community that encourages student and community engagement. GRCCs are expected to incorporate the mission, vision, and core values of Residential Education into their work while at USC.  This position performs a variety of important daily operation tasks including supervision of student staff, advising of student leadership, adjudicating residential judicial cases, managing their community’s budget, and serving on department committees.

Under the supervision of a Residential College/Community Coordinator (RCC), the GRCC is responsible for the co-supervision, training, and evaluation of 7-16 student staff (Resident Assistants).  The GRCC is responsible for advising their community’s building government.  In addition to the essential duties listed, the GRCCs provide leadership in the development of a robust academic and social environment for residents, while creating and maintaining a high level of safety, security, and well-being for all residents.

Note: There are two GRCC positions which operate their own staff teams under the supervision of a Residential College Coordinator. These two GRCC positions directly supervise their student staff (9-10 RAs), advise their community council, and also coordinates/manages their staff team’s budgets in a community of approximately 300 residents.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following:

    1. Co-supervise, train, and evaluate 4-18 Resident Assistants
    2. Advise a Building Government while supporting the overall mission of RHA
    3. Participate in the departmental 24/7 on-call duty and emergency response system for the residential community
    4. Provide advice, support, assistance and referrals to resident students regarding academic, housing, personal or other concerns
    5. Provide resources and support for the activities and programs in the building/community
    6. Serve as a judicial hearing officer within the Residential Review process
    7. Opportunity to serve as a representative on one department task force
    8. Maintain a weekly work schedule of 29 hours/week for residents and staff.  Evening commitments are expected.  Additionally, there will be periodic weekend commitments
    9. Perform administrative functions for day-to-day operation of the assigned residence hall/area
    10. Other duties as assigned by the departmental leadership
    11. Assist with the maintenance of residence halls in cooperation with USC Housing