The Graduate Residential College/Community Coordinator (GRCC) position is a live-in graduate assistantship designed to add practical experience to their graduate studies and prepare them for an entry-level, full-time position in Student Affairs. GRCCs are expected to incorporate the mission, vision, and core values of Residential Education into their work while at USC.  This position performs a variety of important daily operation tasks including supervision of student staff, advising of student leadership, adjudicating residential judicial cases, managing their community’s budget, and serving on department committees.Click here for the GRCC Position Description


  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree required. Must be enrolled as a student in a graduate program at the University of Southern California
  • Work Experience: prior work experience in residence life is desirable.
  • Leadership Experience: demonstrate leadership ability and ability to work effectively with staff and students.


  • Tuition: up to twelve (12) graduate units per academic year in tuition assistance.  Tuition assistance is calculated using the standard USC graduate unit rate, not a specialized school graduate unit rate.
  • Live-In Accommodations: fully furnished 1-bedroom apartment/suite
  • Meal Package: $4,000/year in dining dollars
  • Professional Development: we believe professional development (both professional and positional) is very important to the GRCC position.
    • Funds: every GRCC receives $200/year
    • ResEd Task Forces: opportunity to participate in ResEd task forces
    • Job Search Series: a highly focused series to prepare GRCCs for their job searce