As we grow closer to the start of the fall semester, we want to be fully transparent about how the evolving COVID-19 pandemic will impact your living experience in USC Housing and on-campus. We also want to provide you with important information so you can determine whether an on campus living environment or an online experience from your permanent residence is the better choice for you to succeed academically and thrive as an individual during the fall semester.

Prior to your planned return to campus, we would like to ensure that each student who chooses to live in USC Housing is aware of the health and safety guidelines that we will require all USC Housing residents to follow. It is imperative that we share the responsibility for keeping our entire Trojan community safe, and each of us has an important role to play.

In a July 1 letter, Provost Charles Zukoski and Senior Vice President for Administration David Wright recommended that all undergraduates take their courses online and reconsider living on or close to campus during the fall semester. We will honor current contracts, but room assignments and building locations will change in order to adhere to the one student per room requirement.

We encourage all students holding USC Housing contracts as well as incoming freshmen and transfer students– particularly those who do not have any in-person classes, or those who live in the greater Los Angeles area – to reconsider on-campus housing.

Please visit the following pages to learn more about what you can expect when you move into USC Housing this fall. If, after reviewing our guidelines, you do not think this environment is right for you, please read the section regarding USC Housing contract cancellation.