South Residential College

South AreaOpened as a residential college in 2012, the South Residential College includes four traditional-style residence halls: Marks Tower, Pardee Tower, Marks Hall and Trojan Hall. South Residential College is conveniently located near the Doheny & Leavey Libraries, Tutor Campus Center, important campus service departments, several popular classroom buildings, and McCarthy Quad, a great place to relax and enjoy great Los Angeles weather. A signature of this residential area is its close-knit community; many describe South as being a true “family.”

The South Residential Colleges are supported by an engaging team of faculty and staff who endeavor to create a vibrant community where emphasis is placed on the transition to college and exploring USC’s First Year Experience programs.Programming provided by faculty and staff emphasizes personal growth and determining one’s best pathway for leadership as a USC student and future graduate.

The Faculty Master for the South Residential College resides in Marks Hall and takes the lead in creating an environment conducive to student learning and social engagement. Pardee Tower, Trojan Hall and Marks Tower each have one additional residential faculty member. Residents are encouraged to attend Masters Dinners and participate in faculty-student interaction outside the classroom. Students in South have always benefited from the sense of belonging that occurs within these facilities which offer the smallest floor communities at USC.

Special Interest floors in the South Area include the Great Outdoors (GO) Floor, which provides programming for students interested in hiking, surfing and other outdoor adventures; and the Business Floor, which exists to invest in the academic, social and professional development of students interested in careers in the business world.