New North Faculty

PhilHarveyPhilip Ethington

Faculty Master, New North Residential College

Professor, History & Political Science

Phil Ethington is a Professor of History, Political Science, and Spatial Science in the Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences. He recently completed a massive, born-digital online global history of Los Angeles, Ghost Metropolis: Los Angeles Since 13,000 (forthcoming 2016 UC Press, with a print companion).  He is interested in communicating historical knowledge to the broadest public possible, so his recent work includes large-scale museum installations of geohistorical visualizations, an award-winning documentary film Visual Acoustics: The Modernism of Julius Shulman (with Dustin Hoffman, 2008); and the development of software platforms for online multimedia publishing.

Phil lives on the south side of the New-North Courtyard with his daughters (15 and 19), and their dog Harvey (age 2), a very friendly and cute doxi-poodle mix. Harvey is extremely eager to visit you for attention on the Courtyard, so beware of friendly dog! Phil was raised in suburban Detroit by an engineer and patent attorney/inventor, so he is also a craftsman who loves to build things (ie. his giant stone table, “Pangaea,” around which all New North students are welcome during his Fabulous French Fry dinners and other events).  As an urbanist who has written about the social, cultural, political, economic, and geographic dimensions of Los Angeles, he is eager to introduce students to this great and diverse metropolis and plans on leading several tours of different neighborhoods during the year.

Ange-Marie Hancock, NewNorth Residential Faculty Ange-Marie Hancock Alfaro

Faculty Master, New North Residential College

Professor, Gender Studies, Political Science and Sociology 

Ange-Marie Hancock Alfaro is a tenured professor of Gender Studies, Political Science and Sociology at the University of Southern California and co-faculty master of New-North Residential College, where she lives on the North side of the building. “Dr. H,” as everyone calls her, is known for three things:

In 1993, under the mentorship of NBA Hall of Famer Tom “Satch” Sanders, Ange-Marie conducted the original survey research and designed the business model for the Women’s National Basketball Association. The only women’s professional basketball league to succeed in the United States, the WNBA began its 20th season in May 2016.

Today Ange-Marie is a globally recognized scholar of intersectionality theory, the world’s leading analytical framework for analyzing and resolving inequality. She has written three books on the intersections of categories of difference like race, gender, class, sexuality and citizenship and their impact on public policy: the award-winning The Politics of Disgust and the Public Identity of the “Welfare Queen (2004), Solidarity Politics for Millennials: A Guide to Ending the Oppression Olympics (2011) and most recently Intersectionality: An Intellectual History (2015).

Last year, Dr. H. founded a tech start-up called RISIST, the Research Institute for the Study of Intersectionality and Social Transformation. RISIST is a cooperative social enterprise that consults with activists, researchers and organizations seeking to apply intersectionality to the challenges they face in analyzing interlocking systems of inequality and transforming their organizations. RISIST consolidates 15 years of work done by Dr. Ange-Marie Hancock Alfaro across the country and around the world.