New North Residential College

New North

New North Residential College, originally called North Residential College, was founded in 1993 and consisted of EVK, College, University, and Harris Halls.  In 1997, New Residential College (consisting of just EVK and College Halls) was split off, and for the following 18 years, New and North were separate, each with their own Faculty Masters and programming.  Past Faculty Masters and residents included Professor Florence Clark, Stanley Rosen, Stephen Toulmin, Cynthia Hendricks and Tim Gustafson. The current Co-Faculty Masters of New North Residential College are Professors Phil Ethington and Ange-Marie Hancock.  Professor Ethington began as Faculty Master of New in 2011, and Professor Hancock began as Faculty master of North in 2012.  Considering that the student residents of New and North shared a common identity and common spaces, Ethington and Hancock decided to re-merge the four Halls once again but retain the historic dual name, which students had long ago adopted: “New North.”

New North Residential College houses predominantly first-year residents and strives to integrate a dynamic and active social setting with high academic achievement. New North Residential College is in a premium location on campus- you can grab a cappuccino at Trojan Grounds on your three-minute walk to Leavey Library, toss a Frisbee on McCarthy Quad, and appreciate the view of the neighboring reflecting pool. Across the street is the Galen Center and the historic Shrine Auditorium. New/North also benefits from having the EVK dining hall attached to their building, so residents connect with a diverse group of students from all over campus.

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